Terms & Conditions

Once you have completed the reservation process you will automatically receive an e-mail, with all the information which you have filled in. After processing your reservation, within 12 hours we will send you a confirmation e-mail. A reservation is considered valid once you have received the confirmation email.
It’s the client’s responsibility to notify us in the event that he has not received the e-mail confirmation thus in the case that any details concerning the booking has not been entered accurately. There will be no refund if the client does not inform of the correct travel details (flight numbers, dates and time) which might result in missing the transfer, as a result of incorrect details to monitor their arrival.
Cancellation or change of information must be made written by e-mail.
If the client wants to cancel a reservation, easy taxi chania entitles the client to cancel a booking free of charge if it is within the permissible limit of 24 hours from the date and time of arrival or departure.

Arrival Standby time
We monitor all arrivals for possible delays, therefore irrelevant of any delay we will wait until you arrive.
Your payment covers all possible charges including waiting time after flight landing. However as concerning airport and port clients there is a maximum waiting period of the vehicle up to 45 minutes upon the arrival time (flight landing, ship embarkment).
If, for any other reason. there is a delay (i.e. lost suitcase, custom control etc.) you should notify the driver to wait as long as necessary.
After 45 minutes if the client does not appear the driver has the right to leave and cancel the reservation.

Departure Standby time
The driver is obliged to wait for 10 minutes after the scheduled departure time which the client has requested.
After the 10 minutes if the client does not appear the driver has the right to withdraw and cancel the reservation.

Important additional points
Prices quoted are per vehicle not per person.
Each vehicle carries a maximum of 4 passengers and 4 suitcases. In the event that an extra vehicle is needed in the instance of excessive or oversized luggage, additional passengers, etc additional charge for an extra vehicle will apply.
It is strictly forbidden to carry or use alcohol, drugs, illegal substances etc thus smoking is not allowed too. The driver has the right to refuse transfer if it comes to his attention that the client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or their behaviour is going to cause problems and will be a threat to the safety of the driver or other passengers.

Accident, injury
Easy taxi Chania collaborates only with vehicles which have insurance coverage obligated by law, therefore during transportation in the case of an accident the responsibility for body injury, mental injury or loss and damage of baggage and goods is exclusively with the involved vehicle.
In case of using the child seat the client has full responsibility of checking that it is securely placed and safe for the child.
Easy taxi Chania  holds all rights to adjust and change the terms and conditions at any time. The use of this service will always confirm to the most recent terms and conditions displayed online.